1. Never Give Up

From the recording Elevated Love

Track featuring James McMahon


Never give up
Don't do it
Take each day as it comes
And you're gonna get through it
Someone needs your help,
Someone needs your hand
Get back up on your feet again and make another stand

I know you're crying
But too tough to admit it
Life beat you up
Now you'd like to quit it
Used to face the world with confidence
but here there's no common sense
You're fighting battles,
that you got no more strength against
Dreams have crumbled
Hopes have fallen
Friends left
Now hunger's callin
And lately, you wonder what you're doing here...
You forgot the plot of your life
in the face of all your fears

I hear ya saying…
I wanna live today without another failure
Wish I count on my body without it’s misbehavior
Ya wish the Savior would save ya from trials that this life gave ya
But it wouldn't make ya stronger
only make the trials longer
I feel like reaching for my latest habit
I know it's keeping me sleeping, but I wanna grab it
This hole inside is tearing me up, pulling me down
I wanna get free, is this really me? It's pulling like a magnet
Someone please show me the other side of freedom
What would my addictions be like if I could just cheat em,
Maybe if I knew who I was I'd scream “No, I Don't need em… yeah. And I'm not gonna feed em!”

I know it's tough right now but we just gotta remember
Some others got it tougher, so let's
never surrender
to the lie that it’ll never get better, we'll always have bad weather but we know that it’s never forever
We're only sick as our deepest secrets
Stop obsessing start confessing
Look to heaven to beat this.
Trials last for the night but joy comes in the morning
Waiting for the Lord’ll give us the strength to get us soaring
Vict’ry comes from One who gave it all up.
Said life’ll give ya trouble, but take heart cuz He’s overcome.
We're gonna make it if in Him we just believe,
This fight of faith will give us more than we could ever achieve!