1. Searchin'

From the recording Elevated Love

track featuring Shekinah Bohlen


Just when I think I found it, I find it disappears
I've been stuck trying to find these answers for years
I've been frustrated crying tears of confusion
Fighting fears coming up with only vague conclusions
What am I here for? Basically, Who am I?
Where's my place and space
And why, why should I try?
Avoiding the deeper meaning has become my way of dealing
With my weakness as I jump only to hit another ceiling
So many times I find myself down on the floor
Mistakes I've made make me wanna quit returning for more
Where’s the door to enlightenment so joy can fill my face
But filling others’ shoes has put me last in the race
I've been trying to identify the very things that clarify
Importance of Existence I can personify
In a world that's always changin
rearranging the rules….
I'm on a quest, no regrets
On a journey learning life's tools

Somedays I’m searching for a better version of myself
Breakin’ free from poverty to find me some wealth
So I'm back to the drawing board,
I'm drawing cords of the curtains that kept me back from life's rewards
You know, The mindsets,The mindsets, the mindless mindsets
The kind that blinds us and try to define us
Gotta shed our thin skin
The thoughts that keep us penned in
I'm Reachin for my pen again
To put in words what's happenin'

Unless we found one, most of us are looking for a mate.
But the fear's too real to make the date
Deep inside we crave intimacy
But we struggle to open up because we lack the honesty
And Honestly, yo, I got issues
So hard for me to be myself sometimes when I'm with you
Some days i feel like I’m hangin by a thread
Unprepared to share what’s goin on inside my head
So instead of deep reflection
I'm Putting up protection
Too afraid to say to you that I got all these imperfections
What I need is the nerve
Find the words to converse
With my feet on the ground And put the first thing first

If we’re searchin for some meaning in the way that we live
Could it be that it's found in the way that we give?
We want the bigger picture, the life that's richer
Open up your eyes and see the world is looking for a Victor
For a hero, they would give anything just to see one
What does it take for us to see that we could actually be one?
A voice inside is sayin I got nothing to lose
If I give up what I got for the poor and abused
Finding ways to bring justice for the weak who can't speak
Is a dream that you can live seven days of the week
The world around us can change In just a matter of time
With a heart of compassion And a selfless paradigm