1. Gettin' Real

From the recording Elevated Love


Feels like I'm like an actor on the stage
turnin the page to collect a wage
Another day gone as I look at the gauge—I'm on ‘Empty’
Where'd the time go
while I was lookin at my iPhone
Fallin’ prey to the vice of veggin’ Lettin my mind go...
But yo, I get more certain
when I pull back the curtain
Gettin real with my deal to reveal where it's hurtin
Seeing right where I'm at
as I examine the facts
Makes me feel like I'm takin the steps to take my life back!
Let's get real. Where's your weakness?
Do you think you can tweak this?
Listen, There's a purpose in the pain
There's a way we can be trained
put your eyes on the One who will make you unashamed…
Let’s get real…Where's your weakness?
Do you think you can defeat this?
There are diamonds in the coal
In the mountain is the gold
Don't stop diggin you're beginning
To be winning in your soul
Owning all ya mistakes
Is a sign you're doing great
Put them down at the feet
Of the One who can relate
Weakness is a pathway
He’ll take you more than halfway
Take it from ya classmate
You just now found the fast way
to get you on the right track
To get you going—to get you flowin
...get you knowing there's a secret to receiving by believing in a healing that's accessible to the one
feeling put into the crucible and under the gun…

Thanking God for the trial
is enough to make Him smile
Knowin pain in this life is short and it-only lasts a while
Put it all in his hands
pretty soon you'll understand
He is the only man who can
make a plan for us to stand
Realizing we're deficient puts us in a position
Of the bless-ed beneficiaries of an acquisition
No more wishin’ for provision
Here's the answer you've been missin’
God is ready now to listen
And He got you in His vision